Make Better, Faster, and more Confident
with AI-powered tools

Personal management toolset to start making
effective and smarter choices.

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Features that bring productivity
and efficiency
to your work

With Untools' unique blend of features, you can now make
confident decisions
while prioritizing urgency and importance

Make decisions faster

Tools like the Eisenhower Matrix help you prioritize work based on urgency and complete tasks in order.

Eisenhower matrix

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AI Assistant

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Get results backed by data

Make decisions supported by data and statistics, all powered by AI.

Track your past decisions

Revisit your past choices, identify patterns, and gain insights into your decision-making process.

Your Thinking Files

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Gain a competitive advantage!

AI-powered personal management tools for professionals living on the edge.
This is how they are using Untools to work smarter.


Reduce impulsive choices and make decisions logically based on priority.


Prevent distractions, prioritize urgent tasks, and make decisions in a way that prioritizes the overall project.


Reduce overwhelm and improve focus by breaking down tasks into manageable steps.

First we collected the tools.
Now we built an app.

Transitioning from curated tools to a comprehensive app,
this is how our early adopters reacted to the initial launch.


Affordable pricing for everyone.


Get started at no cost.

      Access to all tools
      Personal workspace
      Track 2 decisions at a time

Get the Best of everything

      Access to all tools
      Personal workspace
      Unlimited decision management
      AI-guided decision analysis (Experimental)

Meet the team


Adam Amran

Product Designer

Adam enjoys working in product teams: Discovering the next thing to build, designing collaboratively, validating ideas and shipping quickly, with 10+ years of experience.


Gabriel Moncea

Software Engineer

Gabriel loves building cross-platform apps and platforms tailored for professionals, all backed by 6+ years of experience working in a wide range of startup industries.

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